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Month One of Visit Kerrera

Visit Kerrera logo featuring local cow, Esme
Esme the cow lives on ardentrive farm, Kerrera.

While the ferry service from North Pier, Oban to the Northern end of the island has been a lifeline for the islanders since it began back in the 1980s, it has never before been open to carrying casual visitors to the island.

This week that changed with the launch of Visit Kerrera, a project aimed at bringing conscientious visitors to the peaceful hills on the Island of Kerrera.

Ariel view of North Kerrera, 10 minutes from Oban town centre
Island of Kerrera, Oban

This project had its beginnings when the new owners of Oban Marina decide to invest heavily in the island. And why not? After all, Kerrera is now their home too. All it required was a bore hole to supply sufficient water, new diesel storage tanks and pump systems, upgrading of grey and black waste, filtration systems, refurbishment of all existing buildings, purchase of a new class of vessel, a complete refit of the existing vessels, overhaul of all site equipment from phones to fire extinguishers, cranes to kitchens and pontoons to roofs. Of course there was also the small matter of new furniture, computers, five separate MCA inspections, eighteen months of site maintenance, building work, hiring a chef, a sou chef, KP, restaurant manager, receptionist, operations manager, ferry drivers and, you will not be surprised to learn given safety regulations for any commercial enterprise involving water, about a million hours of paperwork, insurance and contracts.

Do not panic. It is still just £2.50 to get a ferry over to the island. Although - get this - I have been asked why it isn't free to travel....

If you are reading this it is because you are interested in what is happening on Kerrera. Perhaps you have a connection to the island or an interest in visiting or working on the island. If so, please get in touch. Our email address is and in the summer our phone number is manned 9am to 9pm, Tuedays to Sundays: 07596749014. We are also on Facebook and twitter - search for "Visit Kerrera" on either. We look forward to hearing from you.

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