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Doggy Do's and Doggy Don'ts on the Island of Kerrera

bring a dog to the island of Kerrera
But how friendly?

Question: Can you take dogs from Oban to Kerrera?

Answer: Yes. Both Ferries allow dogs on them.

Question: Can the dogs run off the lead on the island?

Answer: Mostly, no.

However, on the northern tip of the island, North of the Marina, where there are no farms and no farm animals, dogs can be let off the lead. No matter how well behaved your dog, please remember this is not about the dog. It's about the reaction of the livestock and wildlife on the island.

Imagined Irate Rejoinder: Well, it's not a very dog friendly island, is it?

Cautious Response: All of the farmers and residents I know on the island are absolutely fanatical about their dogs and are extremely understanding when it comes to other visiting dogs on the island. But there is a code to follow in the countryside, wherever you are.

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code can be read here:

If you give that document a read, you will see the authors have relied upon the application of common sense rather than a strict list of do's and do nots.

After all, in some areas, we really do just have to rely on people making responsible, informed decisions.

One of the key questions for us folks on the Island of Kerrera is the doggy poop problem. Out are on it is as follows:

- Please don't let dogs foul the paths.

- Poop away from the paths is probably best left to decompose naturally.

- If you have to bag, please use compostable or biodegradable bags. (In the North of the Island, ask at Marina reception and we will give you a couple for free, courtesy of us at Visit Kerrera)

- Furthermore, if you do have to bag something up, please do not leave the bag in the path - or as I see quite frequently, hanging from a fence. Yes, hanging from a fence. Some people pick up poop in plastic bags and then hang it from fences. There is no explaining that. If it's you who's doing it, stop. Please.

One of our future projects is the digging of a doggy loo. We don't know if it will cope with the volume of traffic on the island but we really want to do something. And FYI, those dog toilets can only accept compostable bags made from corn starch. (For what it's worth, the ones we have purchased for the island are here:

Once we've had a chance to see how well they work for both users and the bin, we'll get back to you and let you know.

Have you been on the ferry from Oban to Kerrera? Are you interested in what is happening on the island of Kerrera? Perhaps you have a connection to the island or an interest in visiting or working on the island. If so, please get in touch. Our email address is and in the summer we have gone as far as to dedicate a phone number to the cause: 07596749014. We are also on Facebook and twitter - search for "Visit Kerrera" on either. We look forward to hearing from you.

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