About 40 people or so live on the island of Kerrera. There are another 20 or so who work on the island.  It is a piece of Scottish wilderness, home to varied wildlife, beautifully rugged and peaceful.  

Historically and geographically, Kerrera has always played a huge, (and massively under reported) support role to Oban.  

But what is the future of Kerrera?

Day to day living on the island of Kerrera comes with a range of challenges: Refuse collection. Fuel sources. Getting to work. Communications. Water supplies. Shopping.... and what of the longer term? How can the repair and maintenance of  buildings and machinery be cost effective on an island?  What is a sustainable community?


Will it grow or will it go?

As you can imagine, those who do live on the island of Kerrera are invested in the project. Those who visit the island are equally keen to preserve the undisturbed quiet  of the place.


Visit Kerrera aims are very simple: to promote better access to the island for both islanders and visitors whilst actively supporting the conservation of the natural environment.


We are ordinary folks who live and work on the isle of Kerrera. Our address is: Visit Kerrera, Ardentrive Bay, Isle of Kerrera, Oban. PA 34 4SX. That should get to us.


T: 01631 565 888

E: info@visitkerrera.co.uk


Visit Kerrera,

Ardentrive Bay, 

North Kerrera,


PA34 4SX

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